Over time

Everything changes...

Memories & photographs fade.

Walk along a street one day.

All is as it should be.

Next day the familar named-street is gone....
Before long

the once-walked street is just history.

In time ~ It may as well have not been there.

There today.

 Gone  tomorrow!

The name game...


Now you see it...

Now you don't...

Current view down Atkins Street (Fyans Street) from Hyland Street

Do you know anyone who had a connection with the original Fyans St?



on Google Earth map

shows where Fyans St. fits today


FYAN'S FORD AND SWAN HOTEL, near Geelong (Wood engraving) George Strafford (artist), Samuel Calvert (engraver)

Published in Melbourne by George Slater, October, 1860,

In the News Letter of Australasia

Also published in The Illustrated Melbourne Post, 19 July, 1862, but with title "Fyan's Ford, Geelong"


To parade: To stroll elegantly in a conspicuously delightful setting

with the aim of showing one's attire in order to be admired...


Sometimes on a balmy afternoon as I walk my dog, Magic,

my mind wanders back  150 years and I picture myself

with my wife, Mary,

strolling along  The Parade.


Where exactly was The Parade?

Where is it?


With reference to


With reference to

Google Earth overlays



It's there ~ in all but name...

Where was Luke Street?

Look inside the power sub-station

and Luke is still with us...

Looking down Littlewood Drive, aka Luke Street (December , 2017)

But, who was Luke?
According to Gen Fyansford
"Luke was a carpenter who worked at the factory".
But, in my opinion, he must have done more than that.
He must have distinguished himself in some way -
      to deserve having a street in the new estate named after him.
But, I can find out no more than that...

Can you help keep Luke’s memory alive?

There must be someone out there who knew “Luke”?


Did you have a grandfather, a father or a brother called Luke

and did he work at the cementies?

                                                                                        If so, please let me know...

What's in a name?

So, Hyland Street was originally High Street?

When the change and why the change?


That was the underlying question asked back in 2014 (obviously without success) by Susie Zada in a post on rootswebancestry.com


She wrote:

According to Bill Morrow and Ian Wynd:
'This road in Fyansford was formerly known as High Street. In about 1956 it was changed to Hyland Street presumably to remember the long term leader of the Victorian Country Party, Sir Herbert Hyland. According to the biog of Sir Herbert John Thornhill HYLAND he was MLA for Gippsland South Nov 1929 - Mar 1970. There is nothing to show he spent time in Geelong although of course there is a Thornhill Street in Highton - not
sure if there is any connection. Apart from finding the Local Government minutes for c1956 when this street was apparently renamed from High Street to Hyland Street, does anyone else have any other references / suggestions?”



Is there anyone, anyone at all, who can throw light on the origin of "Hyland"

as in Hyland Street?

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