Gerry van der Meer, a fellow-member of the Geelong Camera Club "Lightseekers" SIG,
is an enthusiastic and very capable photographer and we are indebted to him for these special images taken by him on his visitations to the museum. It was, without a doubt, a time when the Cement Works Museum played a very real and important part in recording the history of Fyansford (and Geelong).

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Osborn House Collection


John Flatt, August, 2016


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Simon Pellizzeri


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"Memories" ~ Barbra Streisand,  Elaine Paige 






Video clip from Jay Boston

ndreas' collection resembles other historically-important documents, i.e. the Dead Sea scrolls, having been lost for ages – rare relics of historical significance that bore witness to a rugged pre-contemporary age – only to be rediscovered in more recent times.








Andreas’ few surviving records are but one handful of evidence describing the diverse activity undertaken in a small almost-forgotten time and place. Unfortunately, the Andreas collection is the only surviving relic; most other such records having gone to landfill, buried in suitcases under beds or spread across disparate private collections.  Andreas and I are optimistic that further treasures remain to be discovered. In the meantime every attempt is being made to digitally record remaining evidence for public enjoyment as it comes to light. Reproductions of any of the work below must acknowledge both Andreas Makarewitsch and as the copyright sources. 


Andreas' gallery to date...

Growing galleries