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Jeffrey Johnson

For over a half century the huge cement storage silos have sat majestically atop the Fyansford hill overlooking the Barwon and Moorabool valleys, the You Yangs, Geelong and the Corio Bay. Visible to all new arrivals from the western district and the majority of Geelong's inhabitants, this familiar landmark has been a comforting sign of stability and permanence. As a reflection of the past it has become a mental image familiar to so many locals. 

the cementies' silos

The cementies'Silos


Fyansford's most visible icon,

the Cementies' silos can be seen for many miles

as a beacon that marks one's safe return to Geelong. 

This immediately-recognisable landmark is having a facelift.


Visit this page to see the dramatic silos' makeover...

Jonathon Skipworth

A Silos flyover

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One photographic artist, Hans Kawitzki,


paints the silos with his 







There are surprisingly few photographs or videos of the silos taken during construction or their operating lifetime.






If you have any in your family album, I'd love to hear from you.