Merry Christmas!


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Memories are woven from good times shared...

Christmas ~ is a special time



Indeed, it's a wonderful life...

Back in the old days I would challenge the world.

Nowadays, I need a little help from my friends. relies on input from others.

What you see is what you get; largely thanks to others...

If you can contribute to improving our web-site, Merry Christmas!

If not,

well, I hope you enjoy exploring the site and perhaps one day you'll visit with us.

There are many who have contributed to  over the years and I look forward to a continued procession of late-night email surprises, packages from front-door visitors and contacts with Fyansfordites willing to share histories and delve into family albums...

I invite you all to share your memories - 

with the McCanns, Guggers, Evert van Dreven, Michelle Stokie, Andrew Colquhoun, Dianne Higgins, Hans Kawitzki, Stephen Kiteley, Jo Mitchell, Andreas Makarewitsch, Geelong in Historical Pictures, and many others...

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I love Christmas, truly a fun family-time, a time for chilling with Mary, enjoying a quiet evening whisky, listening to melodies from my past and relaxing with friends: 


Community Greetings


doorway decos

merry frontages

I must return at night

I love imagination...


..reposted from a post by bro-in-law, Paul.

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A slightly off-the-track Chrissy diversion

from way back (full screen & sound on)


and I love walking out to this every morning
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