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The Early McCanns

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Evert van Dreven

makes the "Cementies"


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The McCanns







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Charles Pratt

Charles Daniel Pratt


Charles Daniel Pratt



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Charles Daniel Pratt. Born in New Zealand in 1892, Pratt fought at Gallipoli in 1915 before serving with the RAF in the Middle East. After the war, he wound up in Victoria, Australia, with four War Disposals aircraft, where he went barnstorming before establishing a flying school at Geelong. He flew in New Guinea from 1927 to 1929. (State Library of Victoria)

Source: Airscape, May, 2018

Evert van Dreven




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Hans-W Kawitzki

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Many of these images were originally posted on Geelong in Historical Pictures

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Bundle of goodies dropped of by Gary Viccars back in early May

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Personal Reflections 1a.jpg

Betty Viccars (daughter of Muriel and Jo Carroll) took the time to describe her world growing up in Fyansford back in the early to mid-'90s. This digital publication is taken directly from an original copy of a text typed by Betty back in the early 1980s. See detail in her son's blog Gary Viccars' Page.

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The Andreas Makarewitsch Workmates Collection

(1970s & ‘80s)

The Evert van Dreven Workmates Collection

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Segment from a YouTube flipbook

Fun YouTube flipbooks

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WOW! A wonderful tribute to all who froze momentarily or gathered to be so recorded for posterity - and for their families to better remember them.        Andreas Makarewitsch

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The Andreas Makarewitsch Workmates Collection                X               X                     X

The Evert van Dreven Cementies Collection                         X               X                     X                    X

The Evert van Dreven Workmates Collection                         X               X                     X

The Geelong Cement Retirees’ Museum                               X               X                     X

The Protestant Orphanage and Common School                    X               X                     X

The Peter McCann Manuscript                                              X               X                     X                   X

Reflections from the Past                                                     X                                    

Perspectives from a Different Age                                         X                                    

An Altering Reality                                                               X                X                    X

C. D. Pratt ~ The AirSpy Collection                                        X               X                     X                     X

Hans Kawitzki ~ Painter of light & colour                               X               X                     X

Through the Lens of a Camera                                             X                                                              X 

Through the Eyes of an Artist                                               X           






Hard  copies

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Reflections from the Past

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Perspectives from a different age

Through the eyes of the artist Hard-copies are:

  • Self-Publications

  • Not for sale

  • Subject to a limited print-run (3 copies):

    • One for on-site reference,

    • one for Geelong Historical Centre

    • one for primary image/text providers

The Gugger Collection                                                        X               X                     X                    X

The Andreas Collection                                                       X               X                     X


Through the lens of a camera

This series comprises more contemporary photograph collections

with a focus on some aspect of Fyansford's more recent history

Mik Larkins Photography


Section: Fyansford Flyover -Through the eyes of JFimages

© Publication

Fyansford 2018

24-page, full colour, hardcover (295mm x 215mm)

Series of full-colour images of Fyansford captured from a helicopter, July 15, 2018 

Still in hands of publisher

Through the eyes of an artist

Reflections from the past

The Reflections series comprises selected photographs sourced from:

  • historic collections garned from the internet

  • contemporary collections held by individuals (with permission)


Perspectives from a different age...

Charles Bayliss 1850 – 1897
Charles Bayliss 1850 – 1897

Malop Street

Moorabool Street

Charles Bayliss 1850 – 1897
Charles Bayliss 1850 – 1897

Malop Street


The Perspectives series comprises texts which are more biographical and which are sourced from:

  • historic collections garned from the internet

  • contemporary collections held by individuals



History of Descendants of Peter McCann who landed in Australia in 1799

and the Establishment of the Cement Industry and its Development in Victoria

© Publication

Fyansford 2018

45-page, black and white, hardcover  in biographical typed format

written by members of the McCann family pre-1943.