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Moorabool River Environmental Water Mana

Moorabool River Environmental Water Management Plan

The Moorabool River Environmental Water Management Plan (EWMP) sets out 5 to 10 year objectives to manage flow-dependent ecological values within reaches 1 to 4 of the Moorabool River, Victoria.

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Discover the living Moorabool

On the edge of Geelong you will find this great open park space perfect for a picnic or a walk/ride along the Moorabool River! It links in with the 20 kilometres of sealed path that winds along the edge of the Moorabool and Barwon Rivers right into Geelong. Water for the environment is water set aside to support the river, plants and animals that live, feed and breed in and around the river, in places like Fyansford C

Alarm at plan for Moorabool River water reroute (Claire Martin, Geelong Advertiser, 2016)

“ENVIRONMENTALISTS fear the stressed Moorabool River will only worsen under a plan to divert state water resources. A public meeting was held this week to discuss the State Government’s proposal to shift Barwon Water’s share of water from Lal Lal reservoir to Ballarat. Maude Landcare president Peter Stray said the group wanted to make sure people were aware of the potential landowner impacts and the changes to environmental water flows”.


AMoorabool River m- VEWH

The lower section of the Moorabool River between She Oaks and Batesford has nine private diversion weirs that are significant barriers to fish. These barriers have increased the extent of slow-flowing habitat and reduced habitat diversity.


Alarm at plan for Moorabool River water reroute (Claire Martin, Geelong Advertiser, 2016)

The Moorabool River is on the traditional lands of the Wadawurrung people who have had an ongoing connection with the river for thousands of years. Moorabool means ‘monster’ in the language of the Wadawurrung. It’s the local name of the Stone Curlew, a bird who lives by the river. Of a night time the Stone Curlew is renowned for its eerie high pitched wailing. 


The Moorabool River and the Golden Plains Intensive Agriculture Precinct

“The Moorabool system will contribute a smaller percentage of our water supply as new sources are commissioned. However when water is available in the Moorabool system, it provides drinking water at a low cost to customers.”

Moorasbool River & Golden Plains.jpg

Discover the Living – Moorabool

“From the headwaters down to where it joins with the Barwon River, the Moorabool River tells us if Country is well. Look to the sky, look for Bunjil, where the eagles fly we know the river is healthy”.

Bryon Powell Wadawurrung Traditional Owner

Discover the living Moorabool.jpg

Journey of the Moorabool River

Words and Images By Alison Pouliot

Sources of water have provided interest and intrigue to people across cultures throughout history. Besides the obvious necessity for potable water, many cultures also have an inherent energetic or spiritual connection with it. 


Journey of the Moorabool River.jpg

Moorabool River

Filmed during a small summer environmental release from Bungal Dam.

The site is a couple of kilometers below the outlet.



Moorabool Environmental Release.jpg
Official Trailer.jpg
The Moorabool River System.jpg

Moorabool River System

System Map

Water allocated to the Moorabool River environmental entitlement is stored in Lal Lal Reservoir. The entitlement includes passing flows that are a significant component of annual streamflows and help maintain low flows through winter. 

System Map.jpg

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