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Fellow LightSeekers

If you have an image suitable for inclusion in any of these galleries,

please feel free to contact me.

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Courtesy Gloria van der Meer

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Fyansford Township

Remember ~ Click images for more detail

Fyansford Rivercrossings

Anita's Photo Stream

Leigh Weight


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Fyansford Greenspaces

Fyansford Countryside & Suburbia

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Gerry van derMeer

Mick Larkins


Dagmar Cations

John Flatt

Anchor 7

The Moorabool & Barwon Rivers

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Marcus Wong

John Flatt

A J Haysum

The Cement Works


F             S

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Local photographers capture moments, reveal skills and share with community


submissions welcome

Click image to enlargen

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Selection based on personal choice, photographic quality, interest and relevance to our community.


Narinder K Pannu

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Jeffrey Johnson

Tony Peach

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John Flatt

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Michelle Stokie

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Forever Exploring.jpg

I am sometimes asked why I always request photos submitted should be at the highest resolution possible...

Clive Comparison.jpg
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