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Google Earth aerial views of Fyansford

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CD Pratt aerial photographs

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The Guggers

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the Guggers

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Cyril Synot Drive

the Synots

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With names


Courtesy Paul & Val


Courtesy Vikki 


memories are golden threads to real-life events

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One of the goals of
is to collect and to share
memories from back then...

To this end I have embarked on a program of cold calling throughout our community and the publishing of personal Fyansford recollections and other relevant stuff.

I recently dropped in on:

Gary Viccars

Blog 1

Gary was kind enough to share his mother's writings in which she described her Fyansford; the time when there was no electricity, outdoor toilets and wood stoves.

Gary's grandmother had at one time run Viccars' general store and post office. proceeded to publish a 30-page, full-colour, book of these writings which I gave  to Gary in appreciation for his sharing of his mother's writings.

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I recently dropped in on:

Blog 2

Paul Synot

Having previously visited Val and Paul I knew the welcome would be typically country-warm.

Paul grew up on his parent's property (1932 - 1956); in what had previously been the old Swan Inn. I am indebted to both Val and Paul for sharing so generously their history.

I had already given Paul a copy of "A Brief History of Public Houses In and Around Fyansford".

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I recently dropped in on:

Blog 3

Max Taylor

Though having visited Max a few times, I always leave looking forward to my next call.

I won't mention Max's age; suffice to say
I doubt there would be others in our community who have seen more sunrises.....

I love the way Max responds to my questions  and I am astonished at his memory. I look forward to sharing the warmth of his wood fire on many more occasions.


I recently dropped in on:

Blog 4

Referrals are always the way to go. I've tried for a month to contact a member of the Fyansford branch of the Wilks family.

Ken was surprised but delighted to meet and to receive a copy of "The Pioneering Days of Fyansford" by an early member of his family, Bert Wilks.

I was pleased to hear Ken say that he had early family photos and that he'd look them up for me. 

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Ken Wilks

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