Fyansford Primary School

Common School No. 913 at Fyansford was opened in temporary premises on 1 July, 1867.

A Crown Land site was obtained and gazetted by the Department on 28 November, 1873.

The new State School No. 1691 was officially opened on 1 February, 1876.

No. 913 was struck off the roll.

The school was selected as the Rural Training School for Geelong and district during 1927.

Source: Public Record Office Victoria 


The first state school was opened July 1st, 1876.

It was known amongst the early residents as the ‘Tin School’, being constructed of galvanised iron.

Miss Emmeline Hopton was appointed head teacher at Fyansford School in 1887"


Fyansford History Notes By Roy Holden  (Geelong Heritage Centre Ref. 3221F  994.52 FYA)

a chronological perspective…


1837   Fyansford named after Foster Fyans (first Police Magistrate for the                  area) who took up land when he arrived in the area.

1843   John Atkins built an inn on the western bank of the Moorabool.

1854   Traffic through the township during the gold rushes led to the building            of another inn and a wooden bridge.

1865   Fyansford becoming an established agricultural and pastoral district                with numerous vineyards and orchards.

1876   Paper mill established.

1889   Cement works began operations.

1867   Fyansford Primary School, located by the Hamilton Highway,                        was opened as Common School No. 913. In its opening year it had              an enrolment of 95 children and an average attendance of 28 girls                and 28 boys. There were 32 destitute scholars at the school, for whom            the government contributed £9.11.0 for fees. Other students paid                  £21.7.6 in fees.

1872   As a result of the Education Act the school was taken over as a State               school. A site for a State owned building was obtained by the                       Department of Education and gazetted as Crown land reserved for                 school purposes on 28 November.

1875   The one-room school was constructed by contractor J. Pile and Sons in             stone with a shingle roof at a cost of £599.4.0

1876   On 1 January the school became State School no. 1691, with 

            No. 913 being struck off the roll. The school had accommodation for             100 children.

1899   The shingle roof was replaced or covered with iron.

1928    Some drainage work, repairs and renovations were carried out by                 contractor, B. J. Perrott. The gable windows were probably enlarged               at this time and a new accordion-type screen was installed to partition             the school into two classrooms. The school is regarded as an                         important example of the work of Public Works Department architect               H. R. Bastow.

1927    Fyansford was selected as the Rural Training School for Geelong and             district.

1989    In September the school was selected to represent the Barwon South               Western region in the curriculum innovation awards. It won the                       award in November.

1996    The school closed.      Source:       Department of Infrastructure, Victoria, 13 March 1997


This is a photo of Fyansford Primary school from 1985. @Pamela Mcleod shared this photo. And, as you can see, there are not a lot of students.
The school is now a private residence.


Personal Note:

I did a teaching round at Fyansford Primary School back in the early sixties.

At the time it was a lovely 2-teacher rural-training school.

Great experience!

I would love to see more photos or hear anecdotes from this important period in Fyansford's history.

If you have something to share

it's easing using Fyansford.com blog

The Dianne Higgins' Collection (1969, 1970, 1977, 1979)


It would be great

if someone out there had an older or more recent photo to share.

My Earliest & Latest Photos


Fyansford state school No.1691 By C. Fox 1940 State Lib. of Vic.


Sample of early clippings on TROVE

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Recently while working on "Images Under Scrutiny" (Image #8), the Phantom pedestrian bridge over the Moorabool River, I was alerted to the existance in 1966-1970 of a timber pedestrian footbridge across the Moorabool River; slightly upstream from the Monier bridge. This had been built in 1966 for pupils attending the Fyansford Primary School located approximately two hundred metres further along the Hamilton Highway; the concrete bridge being too narrow to cater safely for both pedestrians and vehicles. At the same time a sturdy timber stairway had been constructed enabling students to crest the bluestone buttress blocking direct access to the school.

Today was perfect for photography so I decided to investigate the students' route. 

Walking in the footsteps of Fyansford primary school students from years gone by...


I'm just throwing this out there...

Hey! There must be someone 'on the land' or 'in the know' who can enlighten us as to the purpose of these wells. Dianne has found more of them on the field by the school and another down by The Parade.

I can't help but wonder

how many years ago

these were planted and by whom?

A Fyansford.com Photoshoot

Focus:~  En-route to Fyansford Primary School

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Thanks, Vikki!

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