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Typical work-flow

1.    Prepare WORD-format document. Add page numbers, images and links

       Save to cloud

2.    Prepare PDF-format document using PDFelement

       Save to cloud

3.    Prepare e-flipbook format using Designrr

4.    Reformat as required

       Have three hard-copies printed using most cost-economic online publisher

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WORD format

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Protestant O&CS.jpg

Still underway

PDF format

e-Flipbook format

hard-copy format

The Gugger Collection                                                        X               X                     X

The Andreas Collection                                                       X               X                     X

The Andreas Makarewitsch Workmates Collection                X               X                     X

The Evert van Dreven Cementies Collection                         X               X                     X

The Evert van Dreven Workmates Collection                         X               X                     X

The Geelong Cement Retirees’ Museum                               X               X                     X

The Protestant Orphanage and Common School                    X               X                     X

The Peter McCann Manuscript                                              X               X                     X

Reflections from the Past                                                     X                                    

Perspectives from a Different Age                                            X                                    

Hard  copies

Thru lens P.jpg
Paint palette.jpg

Reflections from the Past

The McCanns.jpg

Perspectives from a different age

C. D. Pratt ~ The AirSpy Collection                                        X               X                     X

Hans Kawitzki ~ Painter of light & colour                               X               X                     X

Through the Lens of a Camera                                             X                                    

Through the Eyes of an Artist                                          X           






Through the eyes of the artist

Fyansford.com Hard-copies are:

  • Self-Publications

  • Not for sale

  • Subject to a limited print-run (3 copies):

    • One for on-site reference,

    • one for Geelong Historical Centre

    • one for primary image/text holders

Through the lens of a camera

Mik Larkins Photography


This series comprises more contemporary photograph collections

with a focus on some aspect of Fyansford's more recent history


Section: Fyansford Flyover -Through the eyes of JFimages

© Fyansford.com Publication

Fyansford 2018

24-page, full colour, hardcover (295mm x 215mm)

Series of full-colour images of Fyansford captured from a helicopter, July 15, 2018 

Through the eyes of an artist

Still in hands of publisher

Reflections from the past

The Reflections series comprises selected photographs sourced from:

  • historic collections garned from the internet

  • contemporary collections held by individuals (with permission)



Perspectives from a different age...


The Perspectives series comprises texts which are more biographical and which are sourced from:

  • historic collections garned from the internet

  • contemporary collections held by individuals



History of Descendants of Peter McCann who landed in Australia in 1799

and the Establishment of the Cement Industry and its Development in Victoria

© Fyansford.com Publication

Fyansford 2018

45-page, black and white, hardcover  in biographical typed format

written by members of the McCann family pre-1943.

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Life is ....jpg
© John Flatt 2015