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architect, Christopher Porter, and

early Fyansford potter, James Plumridge, Ca.1855


Paul Bruce, President Bellarine Historical Society, vigneron (author of book on the wine and aerated water Company called “Chas Cole & CO” in Geelong) and with a particular interest in Fyansford has thrown additional light on this subject:

  • Christopher Porter, an architect, owned a pottery site, possibly Geelong’s first pottery and brickworks.

  • James Plumridgea Staffordshire potter, was brought out from England in 1855 by Porter. It was Plumridge who worked at the pottery near Fyansford.

  • James Plumridge eventually ran a series of Potteries in Victoria and NSW and is well documented in Geoff Ford’s book, “Australian Potteries: the first 100 years”.

  • Porter designed a number of buildings in Geelong and Ballarat before moving to Queensland where he became an influential architect.

Thanks, Paul! 

I'm looking forward to meeting with you.

In Search of Nuggets...


In some ways I am like others I know:

  • a neighbour currently away searching for gold somewhere north of Kalgoorlie, WA, or

  • Nathan with his scanner; ever in search of hidden treasures whether buttons, badges, the odd coin or two, even bottle-tops.. 

Over the years, as I've researched the history of Fyansford, I keep coming across names interwoven through the very fabric of our locality's history; Fyans, Atkins, McCann, Monier, Monash, Buckley, Gugger...

Gugger!  Now there's a name I'd like to know more about.

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