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40. Gone, but not forgotten…

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

I love receiving messages, emails or blog contributions...particularly when a question is raised, a photo submitted or a textual correction forthcoming.

I well remember the excitement at receiving my very first such contribution; one which lead me to explore the realm of stereoscopic photographs. And, I particularly love conundrums such as that posted by Ali (Blog post #37).

Only yesterday a thought-provoking email came from David’ posing a range of questions regarding the cement work’s rail line that ran to/from the limestone quarry, the timber bridge across the Moorabool and the tunnel (its entry point, ventilation shafts and exit).

See "Locations lost in time":

Remains of pylons which supported the Moorabool River trestle rail bridge. Source: Jo Mitchell's Barwon Blog

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