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412. Cheers! To Fred Dolder...

To the street named after Fred Dolder ~

A foreman at the Fyansford cement works who played a big part in developing the Geelong Cement Retirees’ Museum in 1976.

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I was a mechanical fitter contracted to the 'Cementies' in the late 1970's and worked directly under Freddy Dolder. He was a fantastic boss, the very best boss I ever had during my working life. He held the respect of all the maintenance crew and he had my respect not only as a very experienced mechanical foreman (from the steam locomotive era of the cement works) but as an inspiring and encouraging person. My theory is that he honed his leadership skills during wartime as a Sergeant Major (I think) in the Australian army. My recollection of my time at the Fyansford cement works was that of a large core workforce of WW2 soldiers who all looked after each other.

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