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29. Gen Fyansford ~ West End

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Lot 2136, Eden Release – List price: $500,000.00

In April 26 , 2018, it was reported that Camden (NSW) was Australia’s fastest growing area with an annual growth of 8.4%. Also, that “Geelong property market is fastest growing in regional Australia”. In fact, outside of the capital cities, “Geelong tops the list for strongest property growth over the past 12 months“.

In Gen Fyansford’s Eden estate, of the 8 lots released, 3 have already been sold. In their Grace Release of the 31 lots, eighteen have been sold.

If Fyansford doesn’t hit the top three Victorian suburban areas in terms of fastest growing within the next few years, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. Safe bet as I know all my nieces and nephews are among the loveliest and happiest youngsters around.

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