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112. In Time...

Over the course of fourteen visits to India, I couldn’t help but become aware of the effect of time.

In my last book I wrote of Kolkata - When something is new in this pollution-wrapped metropolis, it is aged; becoming tired even before completion. Recently constructed multi-hued condominiums soon weather and discolour; covered by depressingly invasive and corrosive grime; it being only a matter of time before they are replaced and ultimately forgotten.

Though not so in-my-face I can see time weaving its magic disappearing trick here in Fyansford. Guess that’s life!

However, it delights me when I get warming responses to blog posts – That’s my dad…. Yes, it is my father… Think it might be my dad… It is definitely My Dad….

For another example see: Maskell’s Farm

"passage of time" in Hindi

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