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17. No smart phones back then…

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

‘Twas over half a century ago I was appointed head teacher of a rural primary school in south Gippsland, way in the hills, where, with close on twenty pupils across all grades, an ever-growing collection of spirit-smelling work-sheets and very little by way of library books or teaching aids, I spent countless after-school hours preparing multi-colored chalk-board displays adorned with laboriously-crafted print and cursive scripts. My school comprised one classroom with platform, store-room, ceiling fans, fireplace, water tanks, scanty playground and two very ordinary external toilets. While memories focus on the school inspector, committee meetings, cash books, an end-of-year concert and boarding each term with different families, I’d love a photo or two from that demanding, character-building time; part of my history and, I’d like to hope, a positive memory for my pupils and parents. Can’t help but think Fyansford primary school would be similar; hundreds of students and many teachers over the years holding fading memories. But, so few reminders…


Woorarra state school

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