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- Where did you get it? he immediately asked in a hoarse voice.

she reached into her purse, took out nail scissors and cut the line

Do you see how people make mistakes? They wanted to hang it on your car

hung on mine. Well, fix the mistake. “And I shoved a grenade into his hand. He blanched, but held himself back. Biting his lips, he looked around. I

opened the car, opened the left door for him - get in, gentleman.

- Yes, you wait! he waved it off in annoyance. “Ours are coming over, you have to give them a photo.

I looked to the left - a white "eight" appeared from behind the turn

slowly turned into the yard. I clicked the clasp of my purse and pulled out a photograph. And how I didn’t forget to put it in this morning - well done, Tanka!


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