Rambling Rod

i love coming across someone who doesn't do things by halves...

Rod is a local with an interest in local pursuits...

I'm pleased to be able to share two of Rod's interests:

  • Local Landmarks

    • Baums Weir​  Take me to Rambling Rod's contribution

  • Ornithology

    • Fyansford Bird-life   Take me to Rambling Rod's contribution

Baums Weir


A bit of local history.
Late yesterday afternoon I went for a stroll on the gravel path beyond "Buckley's Falls" on the Barwon River. It was quite interesting as there are several weirs, plus a couple of fishing platforms.
The weirs which were built many, many years ago. There is a small channel on the South side which starts at the last weir, (at one time you could walk across it when the river was low). The bridge across the channel has fallen in disrepair and is fenced off, but the blustone steps are stlll there. This channel ends at the old Paper Mill.
The channel provided water to run the machinery as well as being used to make paper.
At the old Paper Mill, the water you see coming down a blue stone wall is the spillway, not "Buckley's Falls".
The path that runs from the old Paper Mill is gravel and the first 150 metres is quite steep, thereafter it is easy walking. After you get to the first fishing platform, from then on it is a narrow dirt track. From the second fishing platform, the dirt track becomes very narrow, and after crossing a broken fence, the path is about a foot wide with tall grass either side. Good snake country. This track leads you to the Barwon River bridge at the Ring Road.
There was no one walking on the track, so I did not have to worry about "social distancing".

This is a very good, scenic and relaxing walk.

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We are all looking forward to your next excursion, Rambling Rod.

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Where ornithology and Fyansford come together.....

Bird life around Fyansford

Following a request from Penney Touhy for details of bird life around GenFyansford estate, the Moorabool and Barwon Rivers (as far as Buckley Falls), and on the Moorabool river as far as the Ring Road bridge to the North West from the estate.

In this post, I have included a "few" photos that I have taken over the past 15 months we have lived in the GenFyansford estate. There are also a few other bird types that I missed.

Some of the photos of Male and Female Wrens as well as the finches and a few others were taken from behind the wire fence on Moorabool River side of the playground.

Additional commentary.

I have an old Nikon SLR D5200.

I only have 2 lenses (both) Nikon. A 18 to 250 and 70 to 300 which I used for most of these photos.

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