Testing Times




like the rest of the world,

is experiencing a paradigm shift

in the way life is.

I am putting Fyansford.com on hold

for the foreseeable future

and diverting my attention elsewhere.

As a young teenager, back in the late '50s early '60s, one of my favourite  TV programs featured a gunslinger called Paladin, his tag "Have gun will travel".

In 1964 I took up my first teaching position in a now non-existent rural school located in Woorarra  (south Gippsland) with 17-24 pupils.

Have to say I loved every year of my 35 years teaching. Could say my tag was "Have pupils will teach". Corny but true...

Along the line I taught

in Australia, India and England.


wrote a number of books for teachers and parents.


Perhaps, I can help some in our community stuck at home with kids

and lots of time on their hands.


Let's Game!

Let's Game 1.jpg

Fyansford.com will return - somewhere down life's road...

In the meantime, and in between time, some of you might like to check Let's Game!



or the Playtime blog:  


One month later...                             a postmortem

Well, I gave it a go.....

Nothing lost! Nothing gained!


I did enjoy walking down memory lane, exploring old ideas and trying to resurrect them.

While there were encouraging signs not sufficient to maintain Let's Game!


However, motivation always leads to new paths, opens doors and generates excitement..

Hence, Archie walks... which has proven very popular.


And, so, I see the detour as being a very worthwhile venture with positive results

albeit totally unexpected...

So, now, it's back to Fyansford.com

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Life is ....jpg
© John Flatt 2015

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