a Fyansford family with history

The Gugger family

has certainly played an important part

in Fyansford's history...

In her Barwon Blo Jo Mitchell observed,"

"Following the expiration of the Tyers' lease on the property, it was next leased by members of the Gugger family. The Gugger name has a long association with the Fyansford district. The family were amongst the earliest of the Swiss vignerons to arrive in the area from the Canton of Neuchatel, encouraged to settle in the district by Lieutenant-Governor Charles La Trobe whose wife was Swiss. Their tenure as licensees however lasted only until 31st December, 1917 when the Junction Hotel was was de-licensed after a decision of the licensing board to reduce the number of hotels in the district (Public Records Office of Victoria, Index to Defunct Hotel Licenses (1847 - 1932)"


If there is a Gugger patriarch, matriarch or member of the family willing to add to this pen-picture of the role of their family in the making of Fyansford, I'd love to take you for lunch at my favourite nearly-local, the Gold Diggers Arms, to hear your stories...

1928 – 1970        Norman Albert Gugger owned and occupied “Gugger's Store”

1933                    Alfred Gugger built the adjacent house (on east side)         


And, now,

a question I was recently asked...

How do you pronounce Gugger?


Silly question! Yes, I thought so too.

But, the more I thought about it...

Considering the original Gugger settlers in Fyansford

were vignerons from the canton of Neuchâtel

(a French-speaking canton in western Switzerland),

I would think they’d pronounced it with a French accent


My preference is for one of the first three French alternatives.

I wonder how contemporary Aussie members of the Gugger family

pronounce their name?

"What's in a name?"              Blog #5


Richard Howitt's Impressions of Australia Felix was published in 1843.

1,6425  km from Neuchatel, Switzerland to Fyansford, Australia.


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