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Courtesy Leo

I knew they were out there. No idea where or who had them…

Photographs of workers constructing the Moorabool diversion Ca early 1990s.

Then out of the blue a gentleman recently approached me with the somewhat flattering question, “Are you that Fyansford historian?”


Well, I am an opportunist, I live in Fyansford, I have a blog ‘Fyansford Explorations’ and a web-page But a historian!


I would have, back in the old days, let mum sew the name-tag “Fyansford historian” on the inside of my pullover.


Perhaps, it may be more truthful to admit to an interest in historiography.



History is factual in theory only. The way it is actually recorded, written about, and changed throughout time makes history quite fluid.

Historiography, very simply, is an interest in the history of history. And, I enjoy exploring the how of history, when it was written, by whom, and why it was recorded as such. Moreover, it is a look at if, and how, historical events have been reinterpreted by historians over time and why. Perhaps it's a bit more retrospective than my focus tends to be.


I do enjoy and appreciate the transient relics, records, memorabilia that hint at what Fyansford was, is, will be - and the story thus told. Over the next couple of blogs I will present the first public viewing of Leo's series of photographs dated 19 February - 22 April, 1991.


Courtesy Leo


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Courtesy Leo

If you were involved on this project, knew any of the workers,

or can add to the gallery,

please contact me.

For a more general overview I refer to

"A Moorabool Makeover" (blog 5)

in The Moorabool ~ Alternate Perspectives.

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