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Pioneering Days of


Families whose names were household words

From the B. Viccars' Collection

From a previously unpublished manuscript

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Wilks Bros.

Wagon & Coach Builders,

High Street, Fyansford



Never heard of them...

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The First Bridge

Across the Moorabool River

1854 - 1898 

1870 Ian Hawthorne

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Fyansford's Hotels.jpg

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Fyansford Scrolls

The question of authorship


it's a question of ancestry

The story of the Fyansford Scrolls will be told as facts are revealed.

Burt Wilks             son of Charles Wilks and grandson of Joseph Wilks

                                 attended 8 years at Fyansford State School with only 2-days absence

A sexist perspective   Throughout the document only men are given Christian names.                                                             Few women are mentioned and then only as Mrs or Miss (surnames only).



One person's view


early colonial life in Fyansford


it's a good e-Read

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I find it hard to believe

there were so many names

linked to Fyansford


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