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If you have found a tradesman, business or community resource

that you are comfortable recommending then

you are welcome to list them here....


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Emergency Services


National telephone number for all emergency services in Australia including AMBULANCE, FIRE, and POLICE 

Australia Travel Search ~ a useful summary of resources...

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Tradies & Services I'll gladly recommend:

My personal "gold Star" of approval...

Andrew  Taylor from Taylor IT Solutions

is definitely the person to go to for advice,

for the solving of computer problems

or for the building of Taylor-made PCs (excuse pun).

Taylor IT Solutions

0438  801 690


Brax Window Treatments

Phone: (03) 52215533

For more info and photos see:


Be warned!

Brax products are excellent.

But, we ordered a Crimsafe security door on 21/12/2016

Brax installed it - 4 April, 2017


Why we went Crimsafe!


Belmont Fencing

Phone: 03 5243 0281


One-Drive postings...

Have found others who might not recommend

Daniel Robinson

Plumbing & Gasfitting

Phone: 0407 537 426 

For more info and photos see: February 9, 2017 


Plumber & gasfitter

We had Chris Ball, from Energy Safe Victoria, visit our home recently.

Chris was totally professional, understanding and helpful.

For more info see:

I have just visited BBG Trees...
Definitely the place to go to
if you are planning a new garden...

BGG Trees

485 Ballarat Road,


Tel. 5276 1322


A real diamond in the rough....



FL Home Maintenance and Design


Phone: 0408 376 215

In my humble opinion

Francis is the true Jack-of-all-trades...

One-Drive Postings


Con Toulas...


Bay City Pest Control

Phone: 0418 992 915

or Free call on 1 800 992 915

When it gets cold

the field mice like to come inside... 


Wilson Bros.

AV Integration Specialist

04503 77766

(03) 5250 4117


We have had both Gareth & Jarred

work on our home entertainment system.

Highly recommend...


We couldn't be happier...

Scott McGuinness

Site Manager withe the ABN Group

We had our 1-Year inspection today. 

Total agreement on what has to be done.

Couldn't be happier...



Dog Training

0438 730 428

Sonia Redmond


Sonia came to our home and helped us

to solve a couple of niggling issues

with our new beaglier, Archie.

Sonia was totally professional, efficient and very, very helpful.



I posted a call for help on the Fyansford Community Noticeboard.

Andy responded almost immediately.

Andy came next day and solved my problem.

He was a really nice guy. Totally professional. A tradie I would highly recommend.

Michael from Jim's Diggers

Phone: 0412 182 260

One-Drive postings


Jim's Digger

Geelong Helicopters

Pilots: Anton or Tony

Geelong Helicopter Flights

Phone: 0422 51 51 51


See Fyansford Flyover


Andrew Campbell

Andrew's Plumbing & Gasfitting Services

A problem-solving plumber


Community Resources
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