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Alternative Media

Many media may be used by an artist  to create a work...

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"I love the honesty and love that you find in the untrained painter,    

the works at the local fete or jumble sale.

Often they are more fun than many of the more serious, glum images

in some contemporary galleries"

Ken Done: A Life Coloured In (ABC Books, 2016)


that's really Different..

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"I'm not interested in producing photographically correct images. And now, when everybody is a photographer, with millions and millions of images being recorded on millions and millions of mobile phones, I think painting has a different role...."


From Ken Done: A Life Coloured In

(ABC Books, 2016) 

Does that look like the confluence of the Moorabool and Barwon Rivers to you?

Artists of some note...

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Charles Norton

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Unknown Artists...

I was recently, somewhat fortuitiously, introduced to this amazing piece of artwork.

Titled, "General View of the Cement Works - Geelong", it is unsigned and undated.

Though framed and under glass (hence the reflections), it does show signs of ageing.

Surely someone out there can throw light on this historic piece of art.

It truly documents an important part of our local history...

I didn't have my wide-angle lens so the extreme LHS is not shown; to be remedied in the future...

Detail ~ in four panels...

I would love to hear from anyone

who can tell me anything about this work...

Original artwork on display~ Osborne House, Geelong.


through artists' eyes...

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Just caught my eye...

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Fyansford Bridges

These 1984 Photos povided by Janet Hovey 


resulted in These Paintings by W. Kuehnel


If you know of other 'alternative media' relating to Fyansford or its locality,

I'd really appreciate it

if you'd let me know....

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