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Catching Butterflies

New Fyansford

Since returning to Fyansford in 2014 I have spent considerable time endeavouring to catch butterflies (those transient, impermanent images of New Fyansford taking shape beneath the old silos and beside the meandering Moorabool River). These fleeting once-off moments-in-time soon disappear; hidden by a wave of buildings flooding the GenFyansford estate..


These 'butterflies' comprise a developmental series of photographs and video clips taken from a variety of vantage points and with perspectives which can be classified as:

  • OverViews (from four viewing platforms on higher ground),

  • StreetScapes (from locations at the ends of streets within the subdivisions)

  • LandScapes (viewings across diminishing open spaces within the locality).


My constant companion on these photoshoots was our incredibly patient Magic         (cavalier King Charles spaniel)

12B 2016 (27).jpg


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80 last.jpg
Overview Lookouts.JPG


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See StreetScapes page

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