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Wilks Bros.

Wagon & Coach Builders,

High Street, Fyansford


Never heard of them...

The story of the Fyansford Scrolls will be told as facts are revealed.

Burt Wilks             son of Charles Wilks and grandson of Joseph Wilks
                       attended 8 years at Fyansford State School with only 2-days absence


William Wilks the Wheelwright

Posted 21 Apr 2007 by Ray Wilks

Yay for a successful return to the stage! Susie this is the old email I found with my shoebox story in it. I have spent the last 15 mins doctoring it to remove most of the etc bits and make it almost readable. At least it reminds me if I'm registered again online again not to do christian names in bold type or any ' or " marks etc. lol If you wish to doctor it further, or copy it, or add to it info about =

Florence Rosetta W & Richard Thomas H re: married 1900 and children were etc etc, you can. Even post it in your ancestry family site if you wish. Yes Susie! Sarah is a singer/musician/dancer as well as a Yarra City = recreation centre receptionist/pool/gym attendant and a Red Cross Client Support Officer full time lol=20 regards Ray

From: Ray Wilks=20 To: Wilks, Sarah=20 Sent: Sunday, April 22, 2007 11:53 PM Subject: Re: Yay for a successful return to the stage!

About this story below, I submitted it online to : I think the site must use a funny text format coz when I made a word bold type it now shows it [in "my shoebox"] as strong before and after that word and an apostrophe has become &#39 and bracket is &nbsp, also " now shows as &quot thereby making my story almost unreadable lol. If you have some spare time could you edit/translate this story and email it to me Sarah, and I will save it in a folder in a legible form lol. By the way a lot of the Fyans' stuff is directly from "Pioneers at Fyansford" which I should credit but I don't know author. William Wilks the Wheelwright=20 Added by raywilks_1 on 21 Apr 2007=20


it's a question of ancestry

Pioneerring Days.jpg

A sexist perspective   Throughout the document only men are given Christian names.                                                             Few women are mentioned and then only as Mrs or Miss (surnames only).


I recently discovered the above text (God knows where...).

It prompted an search which has proven totally overwhelming.

The Wilks were without any doubt key players in Fyansford's developing history.

A search of the Fyansford school register reveals a total of twenty-seven Wilks children attended the school between 1880 and 1930. 

I would love to hear from any contemporary members of the Wilks family with knowledge of the family history as it pertains to Fyansford.

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The Wilks family played an important role in the early development of Fyansford. Even the most cursory glance at the school register reveals this to be so...

As is the practice when self-publishes,
3-5 copies of a book are printed.

I recently gave Ken Wilks, a contemporary member
of the Fyansford branch of the family a copy of my 33-page book (280x200mm softcover).

The forgotten art of the blacksmith

Colonial Australia Blacksmith


The Life of a Blacksmith in the 1800s


The Life of a Colonial Blacksmith

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