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why create something new if someone has already done it better

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Every  morning  take-5  to savour the joy 

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View of Geelong is an 1856 oil painting on canvas by Eugene von Guérard. The painting measures 154.5 x 89cm and is owned by the Geelong Art Gallery in VictoriaAustralia.

In 2005, the painting’s owner, Lloyd Webber, offered the painting for sale via auction house Christie's of London, giving the Geelong Gallery first right of refusal. On July 7, 2006, the Geelong Gallery purchased the painting for permanent display in the Geelong Gallery, after being offered $1.5 million from the Victorian state government and the remainder being sought via a community fundraising appeal. It was purchased from English composer Andrew Lloyd Webber for $3.8M

life is but a sampling of experiences


or,.so I have believed...,

But, as I get older, methinks...

life is but a sampling of distractions

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Personal Blog

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Look on the bright side...

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It's a fact of life....
For most of us life is currently either
half full or half empty, good or bad, day or night....

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