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Damn! Damn! Damn!

I've grown accustomed to her face

She almost makes the day begin....

An early, pre-fences, view from my back door...

In the news....

November 23, 2017

Harrison Tippet

Fyansford cement silos to be canvas for murals honouring unsung trio

November 29, 2017

Tim Ellis

City of Greater Geelong issued this media response to the Geelong Advertiser's questions about the Fyansford Silo.


December 8, 2017

Tamara McDonald

Geelong-born street artist Rone breathes life into Fyansford silos


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Who is Rone?

Rone at work on a temporary gallery in Melbourne

Photo by David Caird/Newspix/Getty Images

"Earlier this year Curlewis-born street artist Tyrone ‘Rone’ Wright painted a 30m high silo in Lascelles in the Mallee, featuring fourth-generation farmers Geoff and Merrilyn Horman. The silo was the fifth of six being painted on a 200km outdoor art trail.

Rone returns to Geelong after establishing himself as one of the world’s top talents, following a series of high-profile installations in cities such as London and New York, and also having work acquisitioned by the National Gallery of Australia and commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria".

Harrison Tippet, Geelong Advertiser, November 23, 2017

"Rone, a former Curlewis resident, returns to Geelong after installations in London and New York. He created a large-scale piece at North Geelong’s Powerhouse building in 2014, and painted a 30-metre high silo in Lascelles in the Mallee earlier this year".

Shane Fowles, Geelong Advertiser, November 29, 2017

"AFTER a string of high-profile art installations around the world, renowned Geelong-born street artist Tyrone ‘Rone’ Wright is back home transforming the Fyansford cement silos.

Rone, a former Curlewis resident and East Geelong Technical School student, started the project, covering three unused silos, on Monday

Tamara McDonald, Geelong Advertiser, December 8, 2017

"World-renowned street artist Rone has returned to his home city of Geelong to transform the Geelong cement silos overlooking Fyansford into an incredible work of urban art.  Known for his large-scale street-art installations that merge beauty and decay –  with his most recent series of works shown in cities around the world, such as New York and London – the artist was commissioned by Gen Fyansford developers with the hope that it will help bolster the visual appeal of the site in the state of Victoria, Australia and create a landmark of sorts for the town".

Kate Morgan, Lonely Planet, January, 2018

rone...  at work - day by day

Rone #1
Rone Day 2
Rone Day 3
Rone Day 4
Rone Day 5
Rone Day 6
Rone Day 7
Rone Day 8
Rone Day 9
Rone Day 10
Rone Final pics
Rone Day Day 19-24
Rone Day 16
Rone Thanks to...
Rone's next project

A Drone Perspective

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Dec., 2017

Chris Bridge

Nov., 2017

Craig Meddings

Mar., 2018

Ross Hall

Jan., 2018


Jan., 2018


Mar., 2018

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Corrina Eccles

Corrina is a direct descendant of the queen of the Wadawurrung and operator of the Wadawurrung Corporation


Harrison Tippet

Geelong Advertiser, November 23, 2017

Cor Horsten

78-year-old Cor, worked at the Fyansford cement works for more than 35 years


Harrison Tippet

Geelong Advertiser, November 23, 2017

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Kelly represented Australia at the Beijing Paralympics in 2008. In 2012 she won two medals at the London Games


Kelly Cartwright (Instagram)


Kate Morgan

Lonely Planet, 2018

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I love Rone's attention to detail

On-site bronze plaque

R O N E by Aerial Digital Technologies

Rone #geelongartsilos by Gen Fyansford

Worth checking out:~

Cementies Hill by Roscoepower

Fyansford Silos Artwork by City of Greater Geelong

Silo Art Trail by Visit Victoria silos' coverage

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