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Nestling in the afternoon shade

just upstream of the old Barwon Paper Mill is

Bunyip Pool 

bunyip pool

On a good day it is totally photogenic and welcoming

On a bad day it can be downright scary

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The Barwon Bunyip


Blog  1

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Geelong Advertiser, July 2, 1845.jpg

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Fake News


Blog  2

The Barwon Bunyip

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The Bulletin, 1896 welcomes any photos of the Barwon Bunyip.

Please, if you are enjoying a leisurely stroll by the Bunyip pool 

be alert. Have your smartphones ever on hand....


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Blog  3

Back in the 1840s, a bunyip scare struck fear into the Geelong settlement with a focus on the Devil's Pool or Bunyip Hole located in the Barwon River precinct (Buckley Falls).

See: THE BUNYIP  (BY MR. R. C. GUNN) The Port Phillip Patriot and Morning Advertiser, Sat 20 Mar 1847 (Page 2) 


The Barwon Bunyip

Google Earth perspectives

Google Gallery

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The Barwon Bunyip


Blog  4

A visitor...

While researching this Barwon Bunyip blog series

I was introduced to: 

The Bunyip 1.jpg
ABC Open - Mother Tingue.jpg
The Green Tree Frog by Gloria Whalan.jpg

We have to savour such moments; truly gifts to enjoy...

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