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NFSA Films Published on Sep 26, 2013

I was recently asked by John Stoward, Australian Rules Football Historian, whether there had ever been a Fyansford Football team.

Well, I'm not one to let something like that go unanswered...

While I assured John that I recall having read of  such a club, I felt the need to find evidence of its existence.

My initial readings indicated that the Fyansford Football Club had, in fact, participated in the Leigh league.

According to Leigh.Life.com the Leigh & District Amateur Football League was born in 1903 consisting originally of church and Sunday School teams.  Unfortunately, however, it seemed to have terminated around 2004.

With help from the National Library of Australia (TROVE) I found ongoing references to the club from 1898 - 1925.

Geelong Advertiser (5 April, 1898)

Were they

the Fyansford Blues?

 Geelong Advertiser  (6 May, 1919)

Geelong Advertiser  (28 October, 1921)

Which hall? The Fyansford hall! 

Where was the Fyansford hall?

A Geelong Advertiser article (13 July, 1925) makes mention of the fact that the Australian Cement Company … “has earned a good reputation for improving the environments for its employees. It advanced £3000 in order to have a hall erected so that recreation clubs and self-improvement clubs could be formed for the benefit of the men. The hall is nearing completion, and will be officially opened on Saturday, August 8. On that occasion Mr. Noske, one of the directors, will entertain the employees by providing a picture entertainment with his own machine. The employees have formed cricket and football clubs and are looking forward to playing billiards, bowls, tennis, etc., when the complete plans have been carried out according to the policy of the directors….”.


The Geelong and District Football League makes no mention of Fyansford.

  • Does anyone know when Fyansford last participated in any league?

  • Did the team have a name, a logo...?

  • What were its colours (blue as in 1898)?

  • Does anyone have any photos, anecdotes or facts they'd like to share?

Excuse my ignorance but ~

I'm fundamentally ignorant when it comes to football...




Fyansford Football Team, Premiers 1922

Back Row:     M Synot (Snr), J Grayland, G Leuris, R Harvey, J Houghton, W Wilks, C Beck, A James, J Ryan,                           H Doherty, J Bellis, L Riddett, H Freeman, A Cork, W Graylane

Centre Row: E Thorley, W Grayland (Jnr), R Briers, C Synot (Capt.), D Smith, F Currie, C Everett, F Scott

Front Row:    E Palmer, W Flowers, T Ryan, M Ryan
Photo taken at Queens Park


Thanks to Evert van Dreven for his Fyansford collection. 

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