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Pauline Huebner (21 August, 2019)

Hello I'm glad to see that you are finding out a lot about Fyansford’s history. I was born in 1973 and lived there for 16 years. My parents lived there for many years. My dad was Elmore Huebner. We lived on the corner of Degoldies' rd. The house is still there. It's a grey stone house - very old. My grand-parents owned the house. They bought it with their pension money. As far as I know the people my grandfather bought the house from built it by hand, making it brick by brick. The bricks are part bluestone and cement gravel. Fyansford changed when the ring road went through. I still remember the road works being very noisy and dusty. The ring road was supposed to go through my dad's old home but my dad would not budge. So they had to change the plans. Unfortunately, I do not have those plans. My dad showed me them. He has passed now. I don't own the house there now. It was sold over 12 years ago. Then sold again early this year. I remember as a kid riding my bike down to the Buckley falls - love the falls. If I can help in any way with info I will try my best. I knew 2 owners of Fyansford pub. My parents and myself used to sing there for years. Country music…. Most of Fyansford would come and have a great night. I knew the Guggers as well. And Mr de Goldie. I'm going to ask my mum too for more info.

Thanks, Pauline. I have driven past the house countless times and wondered about its history.

Thanks also for allowing my to post your comments and pics.


GerryKellie Martin


A bundle of goodies arrived via Messenger

this morning from GerryKellie Martin

(a site plan, photos and documents).

The GerryKellie Martin Contribution blogs:~


Changing Perceptions of young Fyansfordites 

As reflected in letters to Aunt Connie

                                      from young Fyansfordites

(From: Violet Read, Tanzin, Rose and Albert

Hocking, Leigh Price, Maud Downey, Violet Carroll and Daisy Taylor)


Aunt Connie 1899.jpg

Family history posts


by Chris McGlade

Post #1. Introducing the Littlewoods

It is always with a sense of excitement and anticipation that I open my email for a final check before nodding off.


I love it when the past reaches out, touches me and comes to life; as it did last night putting the adventures of Jack Reacher into perspective.

It was a thrill to shake hands with Blanche Littlewood, one of Fyansford’s trailblazers; her parents operated the store and General Post Office during the period 1875 – 1886.


Their great granddaughter, Chris, reached out, sharing her family history in the form of notes penned by Chris’ mother (now deceased) in 2007.

Over the next couple of days I will share the Littlewood story. Unfortunately, There will be a break from Saturday as our annual gotta-go, gotta-getaway will intrude.


My initial inquiries to Gen Fyansford re the origin of their estate street-names revealed some information; not a lot. I’d love for anyone with ‘the knowledge’ to contact me and share what they know. As far as Gen Fyansford knew ‘Littlewood‘ was an “ANZAC soldier born in Fyansford”. And, that was it…


Blanche was born in Fyansford on

22nd October, 1870.

She married William Royle in 1896

To best read text  click first image

Click arrows to move through pages.


Great, great grandmother and great grandfather, Henry Littlewood.

Chris, if you find any further information

re your family tree, I'll be happy to add it. 

'till then, I think this is as far

as I can go...


Raelene Degoldi

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