The Cementies Quarry ~ Batesford....



240 Fyansford/Gheringhap Rd, Fyansford


Victorian Resources Online - The Batesford Quarry

Isurus benedeni Miocene.

Batesford Limestone.

Batesford Quarry Australia

A fossiliferous quarry ~ Armed with knives, screwdrivers and geology hammers, we visit Batesford Quarry - February 2011)

28 November 2013


It's fossil-finding territory...

Over the years...


Andreas  Makarewitsch

has an amazing collection of quarry images dating from the '60s, '70s and '80s


The Cementies Limestone Quarry ~ Batesford....

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Moorabool River Re-routed...


This collection of images

taken by Ron Grant in the early '90s

shows the final deviation works on the Moorabool River...

This collection of images

taken by Andreas Makarewitsch in the '90s

shows preparatory work on re-routing of the Moorabool River...

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