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The Dream...
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Gen Fyansford

Progress Videos

2014 - 2018

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Drones over Fyansford

Where is GenFyansford?

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And, of course, don't forget over the river...

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If I got a dollar every time I have heard this statement,

I'd be on my way to affording a landscaper to assist with my front garden..

But, what truth is there to this statement?

"Well, of course, you know this estate is built

on a reclaimed quarry - with lots of fill..."

Recent aerial views...

Early photographs...

Early maps...

Early artworks...

What can we tell from...


what evidence is there from Google Earth

of quaries in the district?

Click 'Slideshow' for greater detail...
 The aerial ropeway which extended
from the quarry to the cement works


Future railway line located here


i.e. when the narrow gauge Fyansford Cement Works Railway was opened to serve a new quarry


i.e. when the rail line was extended from North Geelong station

to the silos at the top of the Fyansford hill

Back in the early days people would visit local fruit gardens to 

pick fruit (for which a charge was made),

have afternoon tea in tea-rooms and enjoy the picturesque countryside.

Once an industrial complex... Now a fast-growing residential development...

Key Dates


1888     Limestone first discovered at Batesford

1890     Cement production began at Fyansford

1912     Original limestone quarry located near Batesford

             Original plant located between Deviation Road and Hyland Street

1918     Introduction of railway line between North Geelong railway station and Fyansford Cement Works

1920s    Work commences on new quarry

1926     Private narrow-guage 3"6' Fyansford Cement Works Railway introduced

             Plant expanded across Hyland Street

1931     Current open-cut quarry commenced production

1966     Overhead conveyor belt replaced the narrow-guage railway

2001     Fyansford Cement Works shut

             Quarry still in use

Well!   So!


Sure, the land on the west side of Hyland street was part of the Cement Works. But, I am quite sure there wasn't a quarry there...


On the other hand, we do know that up to 2 metres of contaminated top-soil has been removed from the estate (and replaced) by the Developer; in some places, perhaps, considerably more fill has been brought in. Is there any documentation re this "fill" issue?


Depending where individual lots are situation, piers may or may not be required to ensure  slab stability...


What do you think?

Can you add anything to this mix?

Stop Press!!!

Do you have concerns re this issue?

Rest easy...

Read Jo Mitchell's Barwon Blog Fyans' Ford for the final word on this topic...

The issue has finally been put to rest...

View of estate from western side of the Moorabool
By Gordon MacRae


New fyansford


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My Gen Fyansford Estate Video-clips

Be patient with the One-Drive Links... 





Viewing Vantage Points

Series 1

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Series 2

Series 4

Series 3

View of Fyansford and Moorabool Valley from the estate...

Early Panoramic Streetscapes ~ most recent at bottom
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In McAuliffe Drive...
In McAuliffe Drive...
In Littlewood Drive...
In McAuliffe Drive...
In Littlewood Drive...
Cnr. Littlewood Drive & Dolder Street
Cnr. Dolder Street & Littlewood Drive

Seldom do we get such an opportunity...

An opportunity to watch the passage of time...

Time and its impact on our neighbourhood...

The "Passage of Time" series seeks to capture the transformation of Fyansford;

from rural backwater into thriving contemporary community...

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Passage of Time Series


a work in progress

Gugger Place StreetScape 11 Feb 2.JPG

Classic Title

Walking Track

Black Bull Ridge

A General StreetScape Gallery

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Riverside Reserve

Riverside Photoshoot

August, 2018



Remember: Click image to enlargen.

First time for everything...

I put down the lead to take a photo.

Magic says, "Enough is enough, dad. Time to go home". 

He heads for the gate....


Fyansford Flyover

Finally a perfect day to see our estate from the air.

I didn't want ~ rain, wind, fog, smoke,

overly-bright sunshine or too little sunshine...

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Click photo to enlargen.

A Fyansford Flyover

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Thanks, FlyingMAir ©

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1b (2).jpg

Some not-so-minor 


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As part of their "Big Picture" Gen Fyansford have begun a program of rehabilitation, regeneration and renewal, part of which involves removal of the 'spur' on the west side of the Moorabool River.

Click photo to enlargen.

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Remember: Click image to access the link and then the "Full Screen" symbol...

GF Video 1.JPG

2014 Vimeo

GF Video 2.JPG

2015 April Vimeo

GF Video 3.JPG

2015 August Vimeo

GF Video 4.JPG

2015 October Vimeo

GF Video 5.JPG

2016 September Vimeo

GF Video 6.JPG

2017 January Vimeo

GF Video 8.JPG

2017 October Vimeo

GF Video 7.JPG

2017 June Instagram

GF Video 9.JPG

2018 April Vimeo

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