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Protestant  Asylum,



Common School...

150 - 220 McCurdy Road, Fyansford


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C. Fox, 1937


list the Protestant Asylum as a "haunted hotspot".


I have never come across any evidence

to suggest this may be so...

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a colourful,



bite from history...

150- 220 McCurdy Road, Fyansford

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if we peel back some of the pages of time

we might understand

why some think the building is haunted...

Hmmm! What do you think?

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Footsteps Through Time

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Maps  1840 - 2018

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Photo  Galleries 

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Collection of older photos...

My PhotoShoot 9 March. 2018

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A   Depressing Read... 

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Common School

The Common School was built in 1865 to the right of the then named Geelong Protestant Orphanage.

Little is known about this building and its exact function. One can only conclude that it was to provide for the educational needs of the attendees at the Geelong Protestant orphanage. Whether or not local children could also attend the facility is unclear.

1.   Common School   (to right of orphanage)

as viewed from McCurdy Road.

2.   Common School

(LHS of bowling club) viewed from McCurdy Road.

3.   Common School

as viewed from behind bowling club.  

Geelong Common School J T Collins 1967

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"Following a local campaign to raise funds for the construction of an orphan asylum, the former Protestant Orphan Asylum was built in 1855 as a result of an architectural competition to the designs of Geelong architect Andrew McWilliams on land granted by the government. The north wing was added in 1857. In 1865 the Common School was constructed to a design by architect Joseph Lowe Shaw. Both buildings are constructed of basalt with freestone dressings in the picturesque Gothic style. The complex was bought by Australian Portland Cement Company Limited following the removal of the Orphanage to another site at Belmont in 1933.... "The former Orphanage Asylum and Common School are historically significant at a state level through their association with the history of child welfare and education in Victoria. The complex is of social significance as evidence of the social conditions in nineteenth century Victoria and demonstrates the extent of poverty in a large regional centre.... as one of the first four orphanages set up in Victoria during the 1850s, (it) is of considerable historical and social importance. It illustrates the extent of child destitution in Victoria during the nineteenth century and the attempts by the government and individuals to deal with the problem..."

Source: On My Doorstep

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Do you know anyone who stayed here?
Can you share your knowledge with us?
The former orphanage...
I can find no images pertaining to the interior of the buildings, to the workings of the school, or to any of the orphans or students.
I would gladly meet with anyone who can throw light on this historic establishment

I can only imagine what life must have been like in the orphanage and common school.

I found no relevant images on the internet.

Perhaps, these images might hint at what it was like...

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stop press

For sale ~ Auction


Common School

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And, there was a time when...

Dianne Higgins.jpg

Another great memory shared by Dianne Higgins

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