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e-flipbook Collection

The APC Transportation System

(Part Two)

The Fyansford Cement Works Transportation System grew over time adapting to changing technology. 

This book draws on a blogs of Fyansford.com blogs.

Cover - The APC Transportation System (P

An Altering Reality

Putting present-day Fyansford

into some sort of perspective.

A walk through time...

An Altering Reality cover.jpg

The Viccars' Collection

Betty Viccars' description of her life in Fyansford

is personal, historic and relevant to all

contemporary Fyansfordites.

The Viccars' Collection  COVER.jpg

Personal Reflections

Betty Viccars shares her stories

of growing up in Fyansford

way back then...

Personal Reflections COVER.jpg

Changing Perceptions
of Young Fyansfordites

Children through the years have shared stories.

Back in the late 1800s / early 1900s

Aunt Connie had a page in the Weekly Times.

Changing Perceptions COVER.jpg

Punch's Visits to Remarkable Places ~ Fyansford

Satire is what Melbourne Punch was all about.      This small e-flipbook presents a Powerpoint presentation based on the hard-copy version of the book.


A Brief History
of Public Houses
In and Around Fyansford

Over the years there have been many pubs

within the Fyansford locality


Hans Kawitzki
Paints the Silos with His
Rainbow-Coloured Brush

A gallery of photos of the Fyansford cementies

as seen by Hans and

as painted with his gently-hued colours.


Fyansford Critterville

A gentle distraction during the Covid lockdown

Unknown contributors but the results are well worth shjaring with our community.




An Altering Reality cover.jpg

Archie Loves
Lockdown Art

During the ingoind lockdowns

the families on the GEN FYANSFORD Riverside Estate

have shared fine examples of 'lockdown art'.




Personal Reflections COVER.jpg

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