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John Gugger Wing

Digitised collection...

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1. Click active image
2. Wait while file downloads (1-2 min)
3. Note usage symbols (see left display)
4. Click arrow on RHS (to move forward)
5. Click arrow on LHS (to move back)
6. Any blue links may be active 
7. Click X to close e-flipbook

e-books are best viewed
larger devices

Flip books may take up to a minute to download for first viewing

e-book User Guide

11 Cover.jpg

Not latest edition



library 5.jpg

The original flipbook was a small book with a series of printed images which create the illusion of motion when the pages of the book are rapidly flipped. 

The modern e-book is a digital interactive version that looks just like a printed publication, with pages that can be flipped and turned. It preserves the regular 'appearance' of a paper book but includes interactive elements.

e-books are more 'traditional'  and engaging then the customary flowing-down-the-page text

Single-page view.jpg

Pages in an e-book can be viewed singly

or as double-page spreads.

Viewing single pages allows access to links

if provided.

Double-page view.jpg
Screenshot 2021-01-29 103000.jpg

Single-page view

Double-page view

Links will take you to appropriate page

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Segment from a YouTube flipbook

YouTube flipbooks

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If an item is illegible use the + sign to increase size.

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