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let's reflect

not on the past

but on the times ahead...


was a great year

Let's reflect on some of the things that happened...

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Blog Posts (257) 

(majority from last twelve months)

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is a year 

best forgotten

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can't happen quick enough

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It's with optimism I open the door...

I am filled with excitement as I walk into the New Year

keen to:~

  • revisit John Gugger, the Atkins, Synot and Wilks families

  • recommence my cold calls on long-term Fyansford residents

  • receive those "surprise" emails, parcels in the post & telephone calls

  • make new WWW Fyansford discoveries & connections

  • meet with possible site contributors and make new aquaintances


                                                       Roll on 2021


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My blog, web-site & photography 

helped me maintain some sense of normality. See LINK

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Apologies for repeats

in my thoughts as i embrace 2021,

my good friends keith dickenson (RiP)

and don royce AO (get well soon, mate).

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