Now, that's dofferent...


I'm looking to post...

  • original photographic creations reflecting:

    • creative thinking

    • an unusual perspective

    • some element of difference

  i.e. drone fly-overs, monochrome, playing-with-light, video, panorama...


  • portfolios comprising multiple images sharing:

    • a commonality in theme, presentation or editing style

    • a focus on Fyansford township

    • a focus on Fyansford locality, i.e. within a 1.5 km radius


Where possible I have given credit to image owners.


Please let me know if:

(a).  you have a possible folio for inclusion

(b).  you have not been credited with your work

(c).  you wish your work to be withdrawn


Some Impressive portfolios...

Contemporary Photographers...

Mic Larkins

Sunset at Fyansford Geelong  13 images  (18/12/2015)
Mic is a freelance photographer from Geelong

John Flatt

Posted 6 January, 2016

 The Moorabool Valley Viewed from Ted Wilson Trail ~ 7 images (27/11/2015)
John Flatt ~

John Flatt

Posted 10 Ju;y, 2016

 A Mixed Bag
John Flatt ~

A Mixed Collection...

One offs...
Photographers with only one image to show...
If any of you have more from within the zone, please let me know...

And, some go commercial....

Taking it a little further...
If you have other similar items, please let me know...
3D Assignment journal of Campbell Barton
EDIM student at the Gordon TAFE in Victoria, Australia.




For more panoramic perspectives visit ...
Looking up Maskell Court
Looking up Littlewood Drive
Looking N across Dolder Street
Looking toward the cementies
Estate Overview
South-side of McAuliffe Drive
North side of McAuliffe Drive
Further along McAuliffe Drive
J. Flatt
Back in the early days it was ever so quiet...

Capturing aerial images via the use of a remote-controlled drone (unmanned aerial vehicle)...

Drone Photography has been moved to its own page...

Triptych Explorations


What is a triptych?

"It’s a type of three-fold art that is typically hinged together as carved panels side by side. The artistic works compliment each other with similar subjects or a relatable message. Many early triptychs started showing up in religious gathering places as altarpieces and could be folded up and easily transported.


Photographers have also grown to appreciate the triptych style, using it to arrange three of their images within one frame with clear borders between them, or by using a separate frame for each photo and mounting them on the wall next to each other. Triptych photography might involve taking one picture and splitting it into three different parts or shooting three separate photos that are related."

Source: The Photo Argus 


J. Flatt 2017

An interesting 'photographic' blog ~ 
Drink this diluted life...
Particularly if you like B&W photography...

A Fyansford Flyover ~ Helicopter flight over Fyansford 15 July, 2018  
Remember: Click on image to enlarge.
Colorisation of old photographs by Mitch Pilgrim

Gallery by Mitch Pilgrim

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