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Introductory overview of what is all about

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Explains what is all about, it's purpose and guiding principles

General plan of major pages & links that make up the site

A detailed listing of all that's important on the site

Fyansford Explorations ~ site blog

Email me information, comments, photos, etc.

Momentous Times

Not all doom-n-gloom

Feel like a surf this am

Includes Personal Picks ~ As close to an editorial as I get

My thoughts on varied issues

Personal thoughts during the inial covid lockdown

My focus on distractions as a way of surviving the lockdown

Personal search for positives

Just whatever took my fancy

Greetings to all

All the best for the New Year

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Nothing too serious - all light-hearted explorations

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From published pages past & Present

From the TROVE collection

 The Fyansford history-scape / An time-line perspective

Internet searches that reveal stuff

I enjoy playing with assorted software during downtimes

Fyansford community enjoys Halloween over the past few years

Archie's adventures - walking Fyansford

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Something about the picture prompts questions

Who is this?

Places that give me cause to think...

Fyansford Families

From meetings with members of the Gugger family

From documents provided by the Guggers

For members of the Gugger family (Password required)

For members of the Synot family (Password protected)

From documents provided by Gary Viccars

Fyansford names of significance

What I know about Captain Foster Fyans

The McCanns were pivotal to the development of Fyansford

The Atkins family

William Buckley - the wild man

Cabbage Tree Ned

Did Captain Melville visit Fyansford?

Button Hill by the paper mill

Was there a real Barwon Bunyip?

Getting to now our neighbours

Anchor 4 focuses on the history of our township & community

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Overview of Fyansford's place in history

Fyansford's amazing history

Things change and even disappear over time

What was life like back then?

Exploring specific histories

Capturing moments in time

The environment over the years

Local bird-life

Rod Morrison explores the locality

A Bird watching site

Main roads & pathways in the locality

Roadways that have ceased to exist

Story of The Moorabool River

Looking at the Moorabool in our locality

When the Moorabool was re-routed

Looking at the Barwon in our locality

The Fyansford post office has had an interesting history

The Fyansford primary school over the years

Class photos from over the years

A social institution with a great past

Religions have impacted on Fyansford over the years

Football clubs are to be found in most country towns

Southern Star Hotel

Public Houses located within the locality

Story of the Fyanstown Inn

Story of the Balmoral Hotel

Story of the Fyans' Ford Hotel

Story of the Fair View Hotel

Story of the Friend in Hand Hotel

Story of the Junction Hotel

Story of the Small Black Bull Hotel

Story of the Southern Star Hotel

The old paper mill by the Barwon River

The flour mill / community hall

Fair View Gardens

The varied quarries in the Fyansford district

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Magnifying-Glass-high-res-psd53394.png focuses on contemporary Fyansford

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Contemporary life in Fyansford

What's special in Fyansford?

Under the hammer

How Fyansford has changed

New estates are changing Fyansford

Gen Fyansford, the developer shaping Fyansford for the better!

Gen Fyansford promotional videos

Stories behind our streets

How our streets are changing before our very eyes

The Riverview Estate

Views that change all too quickly

In the shadow of the ring road

Over the years numerous photographers have captured images of Fyansford

Mr Kawitzki's gallery

Mr Calquhoun's gallery

The risks of fire & flood

Fyansford Yellow pages

An exploration of the history and impact of the cementies on Fyansford

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Overview of the complexity and history of the cement works

Introducing the main processing plant

Introducing the silos

The silos art installation

Tee transportation systems have changed over the years

An overview of the transportation system

The Batesford quarry feeds the plant

The power station generates the power that runs the plant

The historical museum was a must-see tourist attraction

Frequently asked questions and answers

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Exploriong the visual arts and Fyansford

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Overview of related photographic and other visual arts

For run-of-the-mill hobby photographers

For the more creative / skilled photographer

A focus on related drone photographs and videos

Photography from years gone by

Alternative visual medias

Great photographers by any standard

Charles Pratt and his AirSpy collection

The Evert van Dreven Collection

Andreas' Collection of photos and videos

A look back at the visual arts through others' eyes

Mr Kawitzki's gallery

Hans' Gallery

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