When I took this photo on Good Friday morning while walking Archie,

I immediately had Golgothic thoughts - reflecting on the history of Christian churches in Fyansford; obviously a reflection of my childhood upbringing.

Today Fyansford has no Christian churches.

This was not always the case.

Very early in the history of Fyansford, apparently before the churches commenced running Sunday Schools, Mrs. Wensor, licensee of the Junction Hotel, started a Sunday School in her private parlour. Later this teaching was carried on by Miss Hopton and Mr. Wyatt in the Fyansford Church school.

(Handwritten notes from The Gugger Collection)


The Fyansford Wesleyan Church 

"This weatherboard building was situated on two roods (1/2 acre)         of land on the north western corner of the Hamilton Highway and the unnamed lane that leads to the cottage on the property of Mrs Synot - just west of the Fyansford school."

(Handwritten notes from The Gugger Collection)

Possible location of Fyansford Wesleyan Church

While the date of the church's erection is unclear, it is known that it was shifted in 1897 and incorporated with the Herne Hill Wesleyan Church (now Uniting Church) in Aberdeen Street near the intersection of Minerva Rd. and that it is still in use; at time of notes being written (Date unknown).

The land on which the Wesleyan Church was situated was sold to Mr Thomas Hurley in 1903 for £5.0.0 This money being handed over to Rev. H. B. Barber. Records of the Wesleyan Church show that this land was originally a free-hold gift to the church. Old maps of Fyansford show that Mr. J. G. Carr owned the 20 acres of land of which this block was part. It may be that Mr Carr made a gift of this land to the Wesleyan Church.


On Sunday, August 27th, 1893, the anniversary of the Fyansford Wesleyan Church was held. 

Records show that Mr Pawsey was in charge, the service was conducted by Rev. C. Lancaster, a copy of the service program is in the hands of Mrs Doris Dent (nee Sharpe). Margaret Borquin played the organ. 

(The Borquin family were early residents of Fyansford and lived in a house which was situated on the western approach to the old wooden bridge over the Moorabool River. 

(Handwritten notes from The Gugger Collection)

Great reference:~

The Wesleyan Church in Victoria,

1855-1901 : its ministry and membership

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The Roman Catholic Church 

No Roman Catholic church was ever built in Fyansford.

A map of Fyansford dated 5th October, 1882, shows a block of land identified as belonging to the Catholic Church on Degoldis Rd - approximately half way down the road on the left-hand side facing south from the Hamilton highway. But the church has never been erected. 

Approval was granted on 19th April, 1901 for the land to be sold.

(Handwritten notes from The Gugger Collection)

View from DeGoldis road across land allocated to the church.

1931 map showing location of Roman Catholic Church site

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