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could be a liitle, a lot or nothing...


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Fyansford's special people

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Peter McCann registered

Australian Portland Cement Co. Ltd in 1889

Ned Devine

famous coach driver and showman

Captain Melville


1790 - 1870

Francis Melville (1822-1857)



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 What's in a name?  Blog #6

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Twould be fair to say


school and I were a mix 'not made in heaven', rather purgatory - a place of suffering inhabited by those of us expiating our sins before entry to heaven.


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Wilks Wheelwright & Blacksmiths

High Street, Fyansford

Following my recent blog (Fyansford Explorations, Blog 349, https://www.fyansford.com/blog) relating to Wilks Wheelwright and Blacksmith, High Street , Fyansford, I have received an exciting bundle of goodies from Phil Fenton which I shall share over the coming week. However, I have no extra information so if anyone in our community can add any form of commentary relating to any of the photos I’d be really appreciative (Fyansford.com@gmail.com)

A sincere thanks to Phil for sharing his amazing photos with Fyansford.com.

Phil's photos ~ Batch One


 What's in a name?  Blog #9

Phil Fenton throws lots of names out there...

Do any of these names mean something to you?

Synot, O'Brien, Gugger, Henshaw, Monty Carroll, Rognon, Herb Robinson, Wilson,

Patsy Wilks, Milly Taylor, Henry Wilks, McNoughton, Barbara Wallace, Ronald, Ivy Wilks?

(Are any of these names incorrect?)

What about these locations?

Monty Carroll's dairy, Wilks Wheelwright...

(Share your memories with our community ~ Fyansford.com@gmail.com)


 What's in a name?  Blog #10

Phil Fenton poses an amazing new question...

Southern Star Hotel (!)

Doesn't show up in any of my searches...

(Free meal at our local for anyone who can throw light on this pub)


Has anyone ever heard of the 'Star Garden'?

(Free meal at our local for anyone with another photo of this garden)

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