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What's in a name?

could be a liitle, a lot or nothing...

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 What's in a name?  Blog

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Fyansford's special people

Foster Fyans


1790 - 1870

The man after whom Fyans Ford was named

John Monash


1865 - 1931

 Co-engineer and builder of the Fyansford Monier Arch Bridge

Silouette 3.jpg
Silouette 3.jpg
Silouette 2.jpeg

Peter McCann registered

Australian Portland Cement Co. Ltd in 1889

Ned Devine, by Henry Goldman, c1902.jpg

Ned Devine

famous coach driver and showman

William Buckley


1780 - 1856

Of Buckley Falls fame...

Captain Melville


1790 - 1870

Francis Melville (1822-1857)


M Synot & Family Ca 1917.jpg

Paul & Val

Life -long members of the Fyaqnsford community

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 What's in a name?  Blog

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 What's in a name?  Blog #6

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Twould be fair to say


school and I were a mix 'not made in heaven', rather purgatory - a place of suffering inhabited by those of us expiating our sins before entry to heaven.

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 What's in a name?  Blog #7

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 What's in a name?  Blog #8

Wilks Wheelwright & Blacksmiths

High Street, Fyansford

Coach maker.jpg

Following my recent blog (Fyansford Explorations, Blog 349, relating to Wilks Wheelwright and Blacksmith, High Street , Fyansford, I have received an exciting bundle of goodies from Phil Fenton which I shall share over the coming week. However, I have no extra information so if anyone in our community can add any form of commentary relating to any of the photos I’d be really appreciative (

A sincere thanks to Phil for sharing his amazing photos with

Phil's photos ~ Batch One

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 What's in a name?  Blog #9

Phil Fenton throws lots of names out there...

Do any of these names mean something to you?

Synot, O'Brien, Gugger, Henshaw, Monty Carroll, Rognon, Herb Robinson, Wilson,

Patsy Wilks, Milly Taylor, Henry Wilks, McNoughton, Barbara Wallace, Ronald, Ivy Wilks?

(Are any of these names incorrect?)

What about these locations?

Monty Carroll's dairy, Wilks Wheelwright...

(Share your memories with our community ~

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 What's in a name?  Blog #10

Phil Fenton poses an amazing new question...

Southern Star Hotel (!)

Doesn't show up in any of my searches...

(Free meal at our local for anyone who can throw light on this pub)


Has anyone ever heard of the 'Star Garden'?

(Free meal at our local for anyone with another photo of this garden)


Attention!   G. Lewis

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I never know what will turn up in my email.

Needless to say, I was so very excited to hear recently from Jacob Clark who explained... 

Was working the other day and started chatting to an old fella who does a bit of prospecting. He found a metal tin full of trinkets, inside the tin were 3 fyansford football club Leigh league premiership medal. One from 1921 and 2 from 1922 all belonging to a G.LEWIS. being a local footballer myself I thought they were pretty cool and took some photos. Thought you might be intrested.

                                                                                           Jacob Clark

What a great find!!!!

Jacob, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness in contacting me.

Hopefully there is someone out there (grand-son or grand-daughter) who might be related to G. Lewis

It would be my guess that G. Lewis would have

been born during the early 1900s.

If there is anyone who can throw light on this

wonderful find please feel free to contact me at:



Or was it G. Leuris?

Fyansford Football team 1922pp .jpg

We all leave

something behind

Show me...


through the eyes of

Eyes of.jpg

the cartographer

world-1670.jpg gallery of maps

in chronological order

1861 map.jpg

Google Earth aerial views of Fyansford

Google Earth maps (9).jpg

CD Pratt aerial photographs

with streets marked and named

1925 1a R.jpg overlay maps

Surface elevation maps 2.jpg
Overlay maps (6).jpg
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Ford Picture.jpg

The Guggers

John Gugger's family jigsaw.jpg
John Gugger's family going to school 1.j

the Guggers

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Cyril Synot Drive

Synot 2.jpg

Courtesy Paul & Val

Courtesy Vikki 

the Synots

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memories are golden threads to real-life events

Selfportrait 1 (1).jpg

One of the goals of
is to collect and to share
memories from back then...

To this end I have embarked on a program of cold calling throughout our community and the publishing of personal Fyansford recollections and other relevant stuff.

I recently dropped in on:

Gary Viccars

Blog 1

Gary was kind enough to share his mother's writings in which she described her Fyansford; the time when there was no electricity, outdoor toilets and wood stoves.

Gary's grandmother had at one time run Viccars' general store and post office. proceeded to publish a 30-page, full-colour, book of these writings which I gave  to Gary in appreciation for his sharing of his mother's writings.

Click link to view the  
Click link to view the  relevant web-page

Personal Reflections COVER.jpg
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I recently dropped in on:

Blog 2

Paul Synot

Having previously visited Val and Paul I knew the welcome would be typically country-warm.

Paul grew up on his parent's property (1932 - 1956); in what had previously been the old Swan Inn. I am indebted to both Val and Paul for sharing so generously their history.

I had already given Paul a copy of "A Brief History of Public Houses In and Around Fyansford".

Click link to view the  
Click link to view the  relevant web-page


I recently dropped in on:

Blog 3

Max Taylor

Though having visited Max a few times, I always leave looking forward to my next call.

I won't mention Max's age; suffice to say
I doubt there would be others in our community who have seen more sunrises.....

I love the way Max responds to my questions  and I am astonished at his memory. I look forward to sharing the warmth of his wood fire on many more occasions.

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I recently dropped in on:

Blog 4

Referrals are always the way to go. I've tried for a month to contact a member of the Fyansford branch of the Wilks family.

Ken was surprised but delighted to meet and to receive a copy of "The Pioneering Days of Fyansford" by an early member of his family, Bert Wilks.

I was pleased to hear Ken say that he had early family photos and that he'd look them up for me. 

Click link to view the  
Click link to view the  relevant web-page

Ken Wilks

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