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Former Balmoral Inn John T Collins 1907-

The story of ...

"The former Balmoral Hotel of Fyansford, a single storey brick structure, symmetrically disposed in a picturesque Gothic Revival style by Architect Walter Ferrier, was erected in 1854 for publican James Roger Miller. This hotel with prominent end gables, central verandah and double lancet timber windows, is located at the site of the crossing place of the Moorabool River and adjacent the junction of Barwon River.... The Balmoral Hotel has been considerably altered by mid-20th century renovations, but the original form is intact".  Old Hotel is Now a  Gallery (The Age)

Fyansford Public Houses ~ Balmoral Hotel

The single-storey Balmoral Hotel was erected in 1854 for publican James Roger Miller.

Because of its location on one of the only two routes between Geelong and Ballarat, the hotel operated successfully until 1895.

Though being considerably renovated over the years to suit its varied functions – hotel, boarding house, rental flats, art gallery - the Balmoral has been structurally maintained to a large extent in its original form. Currently the premises functions as a reception centre

Collins, John T.,  Former Balmoral Inn 1

Jo Mitchel in her 2016 Barwon Blog succinctly outlines the somewhat uneventful history of the building, formerly the Balmoral Hotel: 

"On the opposite side of the new road and at about the same time (1854), a second hotel - designed by Walter Ferrier for James Roger Miller - was also under construction. In addition to its role as a public house, the Balmoral also did duty as the post office, a polling station and was even used to accomodate the proceedings of an inquest in 1882, into the death of George Webb, a local farmer who was found drowned in the river. Unlike the Fyansford, the Balmoral Hotel operated only until 1895 when it was sold to Mr Henry Wilks who operated the premises as a boarding house.

During the 20th century, the old Balmoral Hotel underwent significant renovation and was for a time converted into two flats before being purchased in 1972 by John Heard who in turn converted the former hotel into an art gallery. Since 1988, the building has been home to reception centre, Truffleduck at Balmoral."

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66 Hyland Street Fyansford


A grab of old press clippings...

Click first image to see clippings in full.

Rambling Rod

reports on yet another Fyansford landmark


Fascinating Fyansford - Balmoral Inn – Now “Truffleduck”


Today, I went for my usual walk around Fyansford and onwards.


Over the past week or so, “Truffleduck” (known previously as the Balmoral Inn) has been undergoing a complete repaint, both outside (including the roof) and inside.

The building is looking probably the best it has been since it opened as the Balmoral Inn in 1854.

For those that don’t know, Balmoral Inn is located diagonally across the road from the Fyansford Hotel which also opened in 1854.

On the path in front of “Truffleduck” (Balmoral Inn), there are two small signs and they make interesting reading about the history of this building.

In 1854, the Balmoral Inn originally opened as a hotel, later became a Post Office, then a Boarding House, then a House for Arts & Antiques In 1995 “Truffleduck”, (Geelong’s leading catering and event specialist), moved into the old Balmoral Inn.


The property is listed with Heritage Victoria.

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