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Fyansford, near Geelong John Henry Harve
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Passage of Time

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Fyansford has, over its long history, experienced many changes.

See: The Changing Face of Fyansford


While change is certainly not new to this area, the move from an industry-based community (both big and small, heavy and light, industrial and rural) to a suburban, commuter-based community, is very different from what has gone before.

StreetScapes shines the spotlight on new streets throughout the area; initially east of the Moorabool river and later the West End and other developments.

StreetScapes Focus 1

Riverside, Monier & Panorama Releases

StreetScapes Focus 2 

West End Releases

Yet to come...

A walk through time...

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For the latest look at our streets check...

It's burbing time

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