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I love it when people share memories. They are seldom so individualistic that others can't relate to them. Cheers!

Dianne Higgins

Dianne Higgins

contemporary fyansford resident

Thursday, 17 October, was a memorable day. Though foundations had been laid,     this was the day Dianne dropped by with a bundle of goodies

and a promise to consider pucontributions relife in Fyansford. 

Dianne's mum, Janet Hovey, commissioned this painting of the old Fyansford Bridge back in 1984.

Batch One

Hey, Evert van DrevenAndreas Makarewitsch!

Here is a challenge for you guys.

This batch from Janet's collection features a piece of large machinery. From the quarry? 

I think, perhaps, it was at the Fyansford works itself.

What do you think?

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Batch Two

These images from Dianne's collection focus on the unveiling of the Fyansford Monier Bridge plaque.

I invite Dianne and members of the public to give names to those featured. 


(Title: Batch Two (state photo number).



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Batch Three

I appreciate the effort taken by people who think of and take time to capture those special noteworthy moments. It is the "happy-snap" of everyday people that help hold the personal memories making up our combined past.


You did tell me, Dianne. But, what year was this,?



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Batch Four

D-Day approaches...

and, the crowd gathers

to see the passing of an era.


Janet Hovey,

long-time Fyansford resident, joins 

with friends to capture the moments. 




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Batch Five

My mum always chose when to hang out her washing. So too dad, who owned a taxi (remember Pivot Radio Taxis) chose carefully when to wash his vehicle.


A lot of people were happy when the chimneys went down.



Batch Six

The power-station complex on Highland road.

There one moment ~ gone the next.



Janet was a patient photographer. She spent a lot of time capturing these images; before the time of digital photography.

Thanks, Dianne, for sharing these memories.


Batch Seven

Memories fade...

Family photos get distributed...

Historic memorabilia go to landfill...

Fyansford of old leaves fewer shadows...

Thanks Dianne for you amazing contribution, I am optimistic that others may now come forward to share their memories..


I invite them to do as Pauline Huebner, Kellie Martin and Dianne Higggins have done, Share personal histories, family stories, old photos, anecdotes...


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Stephen Kiteley

Stephen Kiteley

contemporary fyansford resident


Where do you live?


Top spot!



Look at this data


Well, look at this data. It's from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. 


What does it tell us?


Fyansford boundaries have changed...

Number of Fyansfordites is growing.

Fyansford is not just a place to drive through... 

  • For many it's the past: where families lived, history made & things happened... 

  • For others it’s the now: where new roots are established and life is lived...

To me there are two sides of the coin; past and present / old and new...


Stephen's series of blogs introduces his "little pocket of New Fyansford"

(reminds me of my early focus on the Riverside estate (A Panoramic Perspective).

Blog 1


Click first image to see at full size. Then use arrows to view.

Blog 2


Blog 3


Cheers, Stephen!

Thanks for sharing your little patch.

Hey! I went walking yesterday arvo with Archie (our Beaglier) up your end of Monier Way. Steeper than I thought...




Who will be next to step forward

to fill this box with their Fyansford memories?


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