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Modification of Andreas' Moorabool Panor

Andreas' Videos

Sample clips...

A guided tour of the Geelong Cement Retirees' Museum - 23 April 2001

Published on 15 Feb 2018

Monday night, 23 April 2001: Curator/custodian Max Parker, former manager at the APCL/Geelong-Adelaide Brighton Cement's limestone quarry at Batesford, takes a family on a guided tour of the collection housed in the Geelong Cement Retirees' Museum, Herne Hill, Geelong, the former Geelong Orphange. Also in attendance was Cor Horsten, curator/custodian. The museum was open regularly on Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings. It was closed in late 2013 and the collection dispersed. Editing of the video has been kept to a minimum and I apologise for the occasionaly eratic and blurry quality. Irma did an admirable job keeping up with Max' fast-paced commentary, as we kept "moving right along…" from exhibit to exhibit.


Australian Portland Cement Ltd., Fyansford, Geelong

Published on 17 Jan 2015

'Using our resources wisely'- Geelong Cement (a division of Adelaide Brighton Cement Ltd.) A video produced in the early to mid-1990s by Adelaide Brighton Cement Ltd., demonstrating responsible practices in industrial waste management. Narrator: not known. Aerial views show the Geelong West and Fyansford works prior to their decommissioning in 1999-2000 and demolition soon after. Please view the video through the lens of the era in which it was created. For example, the presenter isn't wearing a hi-vis vest, but OH & S laws, standards and practices are a constantly evolving form and Australian Portland Cement Ltd. and its contractors had an excellent OH & S culture and safety record, both at the manufacturing site and the Batesford limestone quarry. A museum, established and run by former cement works staff and volunteers, existed at the southern end of McCurdy Road, Herne Hill, in the former Geelong Orphan Asylum bluestone building, just south of the storage and shipment silos. It was closed in late 2013 and the contents and artifacts dispersed.


Some of Andreas' early landscapes...

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